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I employed Ms. De Melo to assist me in clearing clutter, redecorating, and
hanging art. I found her assistance extremely helpful and would recommend her to
any friend needing a variety of services like this. She is an expert at
organizing, offers suggestions in a thoughtful and non-demanding way, and works
efficiently, calmly, and with a "can-do" attitude. I appreciated her
professional expertise to a great extent and will certainly employ her again.

Kate Simpson, a satisfied client

Mercia is a great, diligent and consistent, worker. Helping with large and small tasks.
She has helped me clean out the attic and basement, which having lived in a
house for over twenty years with generations of accumulated possessions was no
small or clean task.  After cleaning and dusting and sorting,  things were
either clearly labeled and stored or given to charities, or taken to the dump.
To have companionship with someone who is confident of her organizational skills
and what is worthwhile keeping, made an overwhelming task manageable.  It also
got the job done in a timely fashion and kept me motivated and focused.

I highly recommend Mercia and Organization Solutions.

I was quoted a very high price to have a company help me move in with my daughter after my husband passed away in March.Organization Solutions was a godsend. I felt so at ease having Mercia work for me. She helped with packing and  took donations to the local charity organization of my choice.  She was efficient, quick, careful, and respectful with my belongings. It was a delight having her work for me. 

K. R. from Winchester, VA


Mercia did a great job for me. I had just moved into a new house and nothing was usable. Her crew was there for one day and I could suddenly use almost everything. She went above and beyond to work with me on electronic billing too.

John Frisbee

My experience with Organization Solutions far exceeded my expectations for getting my home in order. I have a full-time job and didn't have time to organize. Fortunately a friend had told me how Mercia made their home into a Zen-like environment, free of chaos. Mercia is so personable, professional and just a joy to work with. She had my home chaos free in a couple of days. I feel so grateful to Mercia and her company for making my life easier. It is now a treat to come home from work and maintain what she created for me. I know where everything is and everything has its place. Thank you Mercia and Organization Solutions!

Kathryn Weill, Holistic Health Coach



Review by Kathy H.
Project: Packing
Comments: She was very pleasing to work with! She was efficient and I am happy with her work.

Mercia is very professional and an excellent organizer. I especially like that we are able to work together so that I know exactly where things are, what items are being donated and/or trashed. Mercia is also very personable and a pleasure to work with. She makes helpful suggestions and incorporates them with your preferences. tjmgp